We live in a world that isn’t ready to have more older adults on it than children. – Melissa B (00:14-00:23)


In today’s busy society, people mostly hold baby showers in high regard over elderly care services. Although both of them are essential, getting into old age is a sensitive phase and something that we shouldn’t take lightly. For the first time in human history, here’s a fantastic podcast show with different topics ranging from clinical care of older adults to things that family caregivers need to know. In this week’s episode, Melissa B shares an overview of her vision for ‘This Is Getting Old’ podcast series.


Part One of ‘This Is Getting Old Podcast Overview’

Multiple models of care for older people have been developed over the years. Things like pace and niche, but also what resources are available. Typically, a particular area of research takes many years from the time the scientist discovers it before it reaches the public or ends up in clinical practice guidelines. That’s how crucial it is because it does make an impact on the lives of many people.


Typically, it takes about twenty years for research to end up in clinical practice guidelines. – Melissa B (03:10-03:22)


The ultimate goal of this podcast is to help people respond to certain incidents. One specific example is, there’s a conception that if you had a cognitive impairment, you’d be walking around the sidewalk. But according to the nurse scientist research, people will hide because that part of the brain is intact. Fight, flight or fright remains intact. If you look closer to the home but look for places that people might hide to find safety or shelter because they are confused, that’s how you would search for them.


Part Two of ‘This Is Getting Old Podcast Overview’

Another area of interest that this podcast will cover is the policy arena, including the impact of social isolation, which is a significant issue. The policy arena has something to do with the health and aging policy fellowship, which is also relevant to engaging with policymakers or even your local communities. What are some of the policies that should be in place, and how would that improve the quality of life for older adults as they age? The United States Senate special committee conducts an annual Alzheimer’s hearing every June and highlights the different kinds of abuse that older people experience.


Social media is a beneficial tool for those who are in the health care community.  – Melissa B (08:21-08:30)


Another issue to be discussed through this podcast series is social media and how to use technology to amplify nursing’s voice in the media. It’s a handy platform for medical professionals to communicate health care messages to people and impart their expertise to make the world a better place. ‘This Is Getting Old’ podcast series will help equip and prepare you for elderly care services and how you can move towards an age-friendly world. If you happen to have a loved one who is sick and, in the hospital, it would be good to be aware of the services that are tailored towards older adults.




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