There is limited study on any type of walker in clinical trials. Do your own research and make sure you or your loved ones can use it safely.

Melissa Batchelor, PhD, RN, FNP, FGSA, FAAN

Are you thinking about getting a walker and not sure what you need to know before buying one?

In looking into walkers in general, I discovered that a limited amount of research has been done on any type of walker in clinical trials. This is where you need to listen because the experts still say we need more high-quality research to come to any conclusions about their effectiveness.

If you or your loved one utilizes any assistive device, it is crucial to ensure its safety.

In today’s episode, my oldest son, my grandmother, and I are checking out an upright walker in collaboration with OasisSpace.

If you’d like to try out an OasisSpace Walker, just use this link and the Promo Code Melissa7 to get 7% OFF to get your discount (between Sept 4, 2023 – Sept 3, 2025) – as one of my valued listeners!

▶️ Review of the OasisSpace Upright Walker: 5 Things to Know

Key points covered in this episode:

My grandmother, Nonnie, was very excited to try a stand-up walker. We tested it out based on the following Review Criteria:


The Oasis Walker seemed to be of very high quality – it was sturdy, secure, and stable once put together, and it had the right weight limit to be safe for my grandmother. Please read the size chart carefully to know the weight limit (many only go up to 300 pounds), or they may only be available in one size.


When you use a stand up walker, the person’s center of gravity will be higher than it is with a traditional walker. The OasisSpace Walker did have a lot of stability. The amount of space she had to walk was also adequate, reducing risk of the walker being a trip hazard.


Be sure to select a model that most closely matches the intended location of use – indoors or outdoors. Nonnie had no problems using this walker outside, but it was a little different once we got inside her home (the front wheels got stuck on throw rugs). She did, however, have enough balance and strength to lift the walker over those surface differences.


At first, we couldn’t figure out how to get the brakes to set so that the walker wouldn’t move while she turned around to sit on the seat. Nonnie figured it out shortly after we left the walker with her.

The brake wires stick out a bit, but I think that could be solved with the use of zip ties to keep the wires a little closer to the walker so they don’t get stuck on anything and trip my grandmother up.


When this walker was extended to its full height, it was hard to get it into the back of my mid-sized SUV. However, it easily collapsed to its smallest size, and once we got the wheels to stay in place, it fit easily into the back of my car when it was adjusted to fit Nonnie’s height.

Overall, we both really liked the Oasis Walker! We initially thought she would use it indoors several times a day to regain strength in her back, but after having the walker for a few days, she let me know that she was more likely to use it outdoors.

If you’d like to try out an OasisSpace Walker, just use this link and the Promo Code Melissa7 to get 7% OFF to get your discount (between Sept 4, 2023 – Sept 3, 2025) – as one of my valued listeners!

I think you’ll be happy with your purchase – so much so that you may want to get 3 or 4 like my grandmother!

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