Improve your perimenopausal symptoms while protecting your brain as well.

—Melissa Batchelor, PhD, RN, FNP, FGSA, FAAN

Are you in your early 40’s or 50’s and wondering if you are going through perimenopause?

If so, check out this episode with Dr. Amanda Tracy as she shares what you need to know during perimenopause and some practical strategies for managing this rite of passage!

▶️ What to Know During Perimenopause with Dr. Amanda Tracy

✔️How it all started

Dr. Amanda’s personal story ignited her passion for nutrition, science, and medicine. As a teenager, she struggled with irregular periods, perplexing both her and the doctors she consulted. Despite undergoing a battery of tests, no concrete answers were found as to why her periods would come and go ‘mysteriously.’

Now, armed with years of comprehensive education and experience, Dr. Amanda is dedicated to helping women navigate their health journeys with a patient-centered approach that integrate various natural therapies.

✔️ What do women need to know about Perimenopause?

Signs and symptoms: Many women believe that experiencing hot flashes or missing their first period signals the beginning of hormonal changes associated with menopause. However, it’s important to know that the changes actually start years before, possibly five to seven years earlier, before the noticeable signs appear.

Dr. Amanda shares that perimenopause is starting a bit earlier for women in their 40s, especially among millennials. This shift might be influenced by factors such as stress and other lifestyle aspects, leading to earlier symptoms of perimenopause.

✔️What are unique and practical tips (with parameters) for managing Perimenopause?

Stress management

Detoxification – Drink a warm cup of lemon water in the morning to help your liver


Diet – Plant-based; more veggies in beta carotene (Orange foods – oranges; pumpkin; sweet potatoes; red pepper hummus)

Sleep – 6-8 hours an evening

Drinking – All liquids (A cup of coffee in the morning and not in the afternoon); Benefits of green tea; no wine after 7pm and no more than 2 glasses

✔️Tips for the first 3 years Post-menopause

Estrogen replacement: Ways to use diet and herbal medicines

Weigh the risks of breast and uterine cancers

May help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

May reduce heart disease risk

May improve your bone health

✔️ SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle curriculum

1:1 Self-Paced Program and Group Program

1:1 – Get expert guidance to control your hormones for 6 months; laboratories and online appointments (saliva test at home; gut – stool test at home; or lab order for blood work)

Group program: 2-3 times a year with 8-10 weeks; meet weekly, go through the 5 primary areas; 1:1 mini-session; no lab testing

Dr. Amanda Tracy has enjoyed being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) since 2005. She helped build an award-winning wellness center in Massachusetts and in 2021, took the opportunity to relocate to Northern California wine country and transition her practice online.

Her current practice is focused in these areas, guiding women over 40 to navigate hormone changes with ease to fully enjoy how they look and feel – in both her one-on-one sessions and group programs. Her SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle™ program teaches women to recognize the symptoms of hormonal changes, how to balance hormones naturally before and after menopause and how to thrive with more energy, deeper sleep and a kickass good mood.

Learn more about Dr. Tracy’s practice at

Connect with Dr. Amanda on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn @amandatracynd

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