The Age-Friendly Employers Program is the antidote
to ageism. It gets people back into life, re-engaging, socializing, getting off the couch, not depressed, and contributing to society.
– Tim Driver, Founder & CEO
of Age-Friendly Ventures


“The wisdom and experience of older people is a resource of inestimable worth. Recognizing and treasuring the contributions of older people is essential to the long-term flourishing of any society.”

These words from Daisaku Ikeda, a peacebuilder and Buddhist philosopher, validate the role of older adults as part of a nation’s workforce.

Employing and retaining older adults isn’t “doing a good deed thing”; instead, it’s more of “do what’s expedient.” Businesses, agencies, and companies struggle to recruit workers and keep those they have due to the 3.6% national unemployment rate.

As this is combined with an increasingly aging population and changing demographics of young adults, “there would be no recourse but to consider the importance of older workers,”

This week on This Is Getting Old: Moving Towards an Age-Friendly World, we will be talking about Age-Friendly Employers with Tim Driver, Founder & CEO of Age-Friendly Ventures. Tim will shed some light on not only what an Age-Friendly Employer is, but also how to become one. Tune in to the episode, and together let’s make the change towards a more age-friendly world.

Part One of ‘Age-Friendly Employers’

What is an Age-Friendly Employer?

The Certified Age Friendly Employer ( ) program of the Age-Friendly Foundation aims to recognize organizations dedicated to being the safest places to work for workers aged 50 and up and assist 50+ career seekers.

The typical retirement is unlikely to occur in the future due to demographic changes arising from increased life expectancy. Extended employment, progressively staggered unemployment, part-time or shortened hours, and other changed employment opportunities would be the norm, allowing workers to stay in the workforce longer. Age-friendly employers cater to the needs of aging employees and profit not only themselves but the whole economy.

Why Would A Business Want To Complete The Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) Certification Program? 

The Age-Friendly Employer Certification program’s purpose is to encourage work seekers in their 50s and 60s by recognizing employers who are dedicated to fairly evaluating them for suitable jobs, free of age stigma of ageism, which is one of older adult’s primary concerns. Businesses should complete the Certified Age Friendly Employers Certification program to recognize that the organization realizes and understands that older adult’s experience, maturity, dependability, and competitiveness are respected.


Age is, or can be, an impediment for older adults when they’re seeking jobs. – Tim Driver, Founder & CEO of
Age-Friendly Ventures.

What Does An Age-Friendly Employer Certification Entail? 

The Foundation grants the recognition of Certified Age Friendly Employer following the satisfactory completion of the Certification assessment by the Age-Friendly Foundation personnel. Employers certified are recognized on the website, related authorized sites, and promotional materials. Certified employers are often encouraged to use the recognition stamp on their business websites, on job listings on other online platforms, and in relevant branding content.

Part Two of ‘Age-Friendly Employers.’

The Standards For Certification

The Age-Friendly Foundation’s analysis and review of recognized Age-Friendly employers’ recruitment, employment, and human resources initiatives, processes, and services have resulted in a blueprint of validated best practice guidelines. The Certification assessment program is based on the twelve types of best practices standards.

Twelve Categories for Best Practice Standards:

  1. General Commitment and Workforce Policies
  2. Organization Culture and Employee Relations
  3. Workforce Planning and Composition
  4. Employee Retention
  5. Candidate Recruiting
  6. Management Style and Practices
  7. Training and Development
  8. Job Content and Process Accommodations
  9. Work Schedules, Arrangements, and Time Off
  10. Compensation Programs
  11. Healthcare Benefits
  12. Savings and Retirement Benefits

To find the Certification Evaluation process / steps, please visit to learn more.

Everybody who’s in this Age-Friendly Employer Program is committed; because it’s part of their diversity, equity, and inclusion plan. – Tim Driver, Founder & CEO of Age-Friendly Ventures

Additional Resources:

  • The Age-Friendly Foundation is an organization working to fuel innovation that supports healthy, active, and productive aging for all through advocacy, education, and promoting collaboration among thought leaders in aging services.
  • In May 2022, a second global conference called “Revolutionize” will be held at the Boston Seaport Hotel to explore ways to revolutionize aging by fueling innovations that make aging easier.

Learn more about the inaugural conference here:

About Tim Driver:

Tim Driver has a successful track record starting and building digital businesses that make a social contribution.

He’s the founder and CEO of Age-Friendly Ventures, the parent organization of, Mature Caregivers, and Age-Friendly Advisor. Tim was a Board Member and SVP at held senior positions at AOL and Accenture, and co-chaired the Employment Committee for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Council to Address Aging. More notably, he was named an Influencer in Aging by PBS NextAvenue.



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