Have you ever felt like someone discriminated against you because of your age? Maybe you didn’t get that promotion because you were too young, or perhaps you felt like they didn’t hire you because you were too old.

In either scenario, I doubt you ran down the road and told your friends because you had just been the victim of a “raging ageist”.

In this episode of This is Getting Old podcast, we tackle the biggest problem with America’s mindset about aging and the prejudices that today’s current older adults face and generations to follow will too, unless we make some major cultural changes.

Key points covered in this episode:

  • In the next ten years, we all know we’re going to have more older adults on the planet than children for the first time in human history. And we largely attribute that to the Boomers.
  • Did you also know that two years ago, millennials took over as the largest generation? This year (2021), Millennials are beginning to turn 40, makingthem old enough to sue for age discrimination in the workplace. So this includes people like  Justin Timberlake, Eli Manning, Alicia Keys – anyone born before 1997.
  • Ageism is the only form of discrimination largely absent from our national dialogue around diversity and inclusion. While the other “-isms” split us up, it is a fact that aging is something that we’re all doing.
  • Ageism is also the only concept that we socially accept – and even project – onto ourselves. We have about 25 years to find the policies and solutions to make the world more age-friendly and eradicate ageism.



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