I went home to help my 70-year old mother take care of my 91-year old grandmother, who’d been in a nursing home for a year and a half during COVID. Grandma Trudie was extremely debilitated, and could only bear her body weight when she first came home. She could not pick up her feet to even step side-to-side or pivot – which had the potential to put a lot of work on my Mom’s back until Grandma Trudie regained some of the strength in her legs.

In this episode, I share a 3-part series on Alzheimer’s Care. When your loved one is as debilitated as my grandmother, you can’t move her from place to place easily.

3 Tips for Transferring and Getting Dressed:

✔️ Tip 1: Consolidate Movement to Minimize Risk of Injury

  • Thinking through moves from bed to chair; with bedside commode stop in between.
  • Lining up and minimizing the number of transitions.
  • Do as many steps in getting dressed or undressed while sitting, then moved her.
  • Getting her into bed to lie down with one movement.

✔️ Tip 2: Using a Hospital Bed: It Goes UP for a reason

  • Lowest position when getting in or out of bed.
  • Save Your Back – Roll the bed up as high as you need it to be to provide care.
  • Use Side rails when bed is being used.

✔️ Tip 3: The Power of the Rolling Side to Side 

  • To get her brief on.
  • She could help by grabbing the side rails – doubles as good exercise!

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(You can check out the Part 2 and 3 episodes
exactly where you found this one.)

Part 2: 3 Tips to Shampoo Hair in Sitting in a Chair

Part 3: 3 Tips for Eating and Drinking at Home




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